Your Questions Answered

Is the National Curriculum completely covered?
All requirements of the NC are met by the PZAZ scheme including the Working Scientifically Statements. As pupils go through the scheme, they will become adept scientists who are able to ask and investigate their own questions, present and analyse their results and critically evaluate their experiments. Teachers will become more confident too, as PZAZ provides training videos which run through all the activities in lessons as well as simply explain the concepts behind each topic.

What will I receive for my subscription?
Everything needed to teach outstanding science lessons. Lesson plans, PowerPoints, Training Videos, Assessments and Tracking and much more come as part of the package. PZAZ is not a static resource either. In the Summer Term of  2021 we will be launching our fantastic scheme for Reception, and we will be continuously adding content to the website, such as a timetable of activities for British Science Week. There are also some other fantastic additions to the PZAZ scheme currently in development that will be available in the next year.

How simple is PZAZ to teach?
Not difficult at all! The experiments have been written for non-specialist primary teachers and pupils alike to achieve optimal outcomes. When you use the unique PZAZ method for teaching science in lessons you will be amazed at the engagement and progress you’ll achieve in your classroom.

How easy is it to resource the experiments?
Most of the 400+ activities can be completed using easy to resource everyday materials that the school can supply, or children can bring into school. Of course, there will be times when you need specialist equipment such as when teaching circuits, but these occasions are rare. Each lesson plan covers 2 lessons of teaching, so you only have to resource your science lessons once a fortnight.

Is the PZAZ scheme flexible?
PZAZ is set out the way the NC suggests in a clear, simple manner. If you teach mixed-age groups, you can pick and choose the lessons or even the activities you feel are most appropriate to your class. If you teach by unit, it is clear how you can do this too. PZAZ is also perfect for home learning due to COVID-19. If you already run a scheme, PZAZ is a superb cost-effective bolt-on that can be used to train ALL your teachers through our easy-to-follow CPD videos.

Are there any conditions attached to a subscription to PZAZ?
None whatsoever. There are no hidden costs, no minimum subscription term, and you do not need to buy specialist equipment from us – in fact, you most often don’t need specialist equipment to teach science! For just £99, you will receive access to everything. All we would ask is that you tell other schools and teachers about PZAZ so that all schools can benefit from a having access to a comprehensive, engaging practical scheme to produce the next generation of much needed scientists for the country.

Does the price increase if I am from a larger school?
We feel strongly that there is no reason to penalise larger schools pricewise because they may have more money available in their budget. In fact, our price is set so that even the smallest schools with the most restrictive budget can benefit from PZAZ.

How do I subscribe to PZAZ?
Click on any of the subscribe buttons on the website. For your security, you will need your school contact details - not personal details. You will have one month of unrestricted access to all of the resources with no obligation to subscribe. We will contact you towards the end of your trial to see if you wish to continue having access to our resources. Should you wish to do so, you will receive an invoice from us for just £99. 

Welcome to the PZAZ community of schools!