Science Coordinator

How We Can Help You As Science Coordinator

Complete coverage of the national curriculum. Outstanding pupil progress. All teaching staff upskilled through video training. But how can PZAZ help you?

PZAZ is not just an incredibly comprehensive science scheme for teachers, you will have access to your own science coordinator area that allows you to efficiently manage the science function in your school. You will have all the tools at your disposal to provide evidence for when you get the dreaded call for inspection. Your area contains:
  • Statement of Intent template
  • Curriculum Maps for all year groups
  • Knowledge Progression Grids
  • Working Scientifically Matrices for all year groups
  • Science Coordinator Checklist for inspection visits
  • Deep Dive Questions
  • Staff Meeting Sheets
  • Lesson Observation Sheets
  • Resource Plan
  • Equipment Checklists
  • All teaching materials including lesson plans, summative assessments, tracking tools etc.
  • A full suite of science SATs papers
  • Health and Safety section
PZAZ can be used as its own standalone scheme or as a supplement to your existing scheme. The scheme is also flexible enough for you to teach mixed-age groups, topics in units and is perfect for catch-up of mixed lessons due to COVID-19.

A subscription costs just £99 per year, no matter how many pupils in your school or teachers who will use PZAZ.

So speak to your Headteacher today!