What Your Colleagues Say About PZAZ:

These resources are superb! The quality of planning, the worksheets and the videos together make an absolutely brilliant package. I love that you include assessments and knowledge organisers as well as tracking sheets and progression charts. I really can't say enough how impressed I am with your site - much better than anything else on the market and I've been teaching science for 20 years and am very fussy about science resources! I am so excited to have discovered PZAZ.'
Jo, Year 6 teacher, Bristol

I would 100% recommend! Had a trial summer term, paid members since September so early days but it is getting so much good feedback from staff across school and is on its way to transforming science for us. I'm not a science specialist and I find this so helpful - the quick practical activities are ones I'd never even think to do. The children in my class would not say science is their favourite subject.
Francesca, Year 4 teacher, Leeds

'I have been science lead for 3 years and have been looking for something like this for ages. This is perfect. I love the way you have done a teacher video to help all of us. The lesson plans have everything: progression, links to the national curriculum, misconceptions, scientists etc. The powerpoints show questioning, next steps and look really professional. This will save us loads of time.'
Lucy, Science Lead and Year 3 teacher, Horsham

'I LOVE this scheme. I rate how you have constructed the whole thing from a base assumption that primary teachers are not science specialists. The videos works brilliantly and addresses the knowledge, experience and confidence gap that lots of primary teachers have in delivering engaging science. I've had one of our less experienced teachers try your scheme and she's loved it, simply because it explained what to do!'
Justine, Year 6 teacher, Telford

'PZAZ is absolutely amazing. We purchased it recently for our school as our scheme and the resources and planning are great. The short texts with each lesson are really good as a hook and also the book list is fab and a huge time saver.'
Cari, Year 4 teacher, Plymouth

"The kids love it and our teachers do too! We've been using PZAZ for nearly 2 years now and the difference in science lessons before we came across PZAZ and now is incredible. The way the Working Scientifcally skills are taught is absolutely brillaint. The CPD videos have been crucial in improving our confidence. Science lessons are something to look forward to instead of being filled with dread like we were before ."
Sam, Science Coordinator and Year 4 teacher, Liverpool

" The number of resources you get with PZAZ is incredible! It's ridiculous you get so much at that price. I haven't had to do a tap of research since we started using PZAZ and I love that I only have to resource my lessons once every 2 weeks, it's like I have extra PPA time every week."
Nat, Year 6 teacher, Nantwich

"PZAZ is fab! We've used a few schemes over the years, and none of them comes close to PZAZ for results and pupil progress. The improvement in the kids' use of vocab and thinking skills has been brilliant for the school. It's so easy to deliver as well!"
Melanie, Year 1 teacher, Southport