How We Can Help You As A Headteacher

£99 per year. That is all that a subscription to PZAZ costs - no strings attached. That's 10% of the cost of Rising Stars, and PZAZ has more useful content too!

No minimum membership period, no tiered access, no requirement to buy equipment and certainly no punishing your school pricewise because you have a higher than average pupil cohort or staff users.

But PZAZ is no cheap option for your science function. It is a superb, comprehensive, practical science scheme that will imbue pupils with real science skills, embed the knowledge they need to learn and upskill your teachers through our extensive library of CPD videos covering every lesson. There are explicit, broad cross-curricular links in each lesson that will help your pupils improve their literacy and numeracy as well as other areas of the curriculum – giving them that holistic education that has become the latter day mantra of OFSTED.

Your science coordinator will benefit too, by giving them the tools they need to help them manage the science function efficiently. After Easter 2021, we will be launching our scheme for Reception and this will be available to you at no extra cost.

Subscription is easy, go back to the home page and press the subscribe button. You will get full access to PZAZ's fantastic resources for one month for FREE with no obligation to buy.